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Jealous engines and a Gentleman Doc

Perrin smiled and blushed at the same time, then spoke as he looked at the stuffed toy and then back at Zu. “Aw Zu…thanks. You always know just what ta say to make a person feel better.”
At that moment, one of the engines gave a moaning noise almost as if jealous of the attention Perrin had been giving the young woman and not it. The young man stood and chuckled as he grabbed his new spanner and spoke, glancing back at Zu. “Looks like my babies are jealous. I gotta readjust the timer on the stabilizers. Thanks Zu.. So…she was smiling.. she liked the tea?”
Perrin placed the bear carefully on a secure shelf away from the grime and dirt, then crawled into the engine area whistling happily, the vat grown boy’s happiness was apparent as he whistled a jolly tune and went to work.

By the time Doc made it up to the cockpit, he noticed the place was a loud with laughter and mirth. The grizzled old man glanced around, and his eyes set on Marcia as he smiled and introduced himself. “Evening Miss, just call me Doc or Gant, either one will do. Let’s get you down to med bay and check you out. I promise I won’t stick you with a needle and my bedside manner is decent too.”
Marcia couldn’t help but smile, the old man’s demeanor was pleasant and he did have warmth to him. There was just something likable about him. Farrow was right in away he seemed like a kindly grandfather or that favorite uncle, one always loved to have visit. Marcia spoke as she glanced at the Captain and the others before leaving with the doctor.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. I just had a checkup two weeks ago, but I don’t see why not.”

Gant offered the young woman his arm and the two strode down the corridor as he walked with his cane in one hand and the other arm intertwined with Marcia’s own. “Well, welcome aboard the Free Man, I hope you enjoyed the stew. It was my own recipe as it was my turn to cook this time.”
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