Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian (sarahtdl) wrote in cian_tremas,
Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian


”Zu” Said the cainoid “Is the sweetest girl this side of the galaxy” He grinned “She;s a cyborg, but you’d never know it most of the time. She’s as gentle as a lamb.”

“Capt’n, all the goods are stored. Med bay is back up to snuff. I’m getting some grub, so if anyone decides to get hurt find me there.”

Timus smiled a little and hit the com “I’d like you to have a look at Miss Marcia. She got hauled around pretty good, and just being sure would be on the safe side.”

“You’ll like Doc” Said Farrow “He’s like everyones Grandpa.”

Zu put an arm around his shoulders and gave him a brief but strong hug. Even with his grime, she was the only female on board that could do that without being overcome.

“You know what I saw, Perrin? When I walked by the cock pitt and Farrow was sitting there? She was sipping on this tea, and smelling the honey. And she had such a look on her face. Such a happy look, she was smiling so sweet just like she was wrapped up in a warm sweet hug. I wonder who it was that gave her that tea that made her feel so much better after Miki was such a fool, do you know?” Her eyes twinkled kindly at him.

“And you don’t need to be scared of the new girl.” She said “We’ll be sure of you, don’t worry.”

She was quiet and then she said “Farrow likes you a whole lot, Perrin. You make her happy. In all those little ways you have, you do. So don’t be forgetting that.”
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