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Kerris looked at the slip of a girl sharply and nearly spat as he spoke. The young man was tired, his lip hurt and his jaw was still swollen slightly from the thrashing he'd taken awhile back. Now this girl was asking him all sorts of questions, it was unnerving...worse was the fact that she seemed to be able to stare into his soul.
"Look!! What in the name of the gods do you want of me?!! You come here and ask me all sort's of questions, don't you know who I am?? You're awfully brave coming here and just talking to me. How do you know I'm not a killer?? That's what everyone else says I am.."

He was frustrated, tired and just plain tired of it all. The most likely thing would be he'd either be hanged or he'd be gelded and tortured to death.. A slow painful end for a convicted killer... his heart he his mind he knew.. he hadn't killed anyone. But no one belived him.. no one...

Xana sat there calmly and listened to the young man, he was in turmoil, his heart and soul were in such pain it was almost thick in the air. Tangible..solid...real as the solid floor they stood and sat upon.

The young woman's revere was broken by the low gaffaw then bursting laughter of another in a cell near them. A man's voice rang out as he soke.

"Yer wastin yer time fluff.. That one there is bound for the gallows or worse!! Ye'd be havin more luck at tryin..ta wrest milk from a rock. Leave em be...let the bugger rot!! And come o'er here and spend some time with Ol Connor!!"

((I thought I'd add a boost for you Sarah. I hope it's okay.))
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