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The Smiggit

This is when Xana goes to take Kerris from Prison. She knows he is her chosen protector, he has no idea she is the holy child.

*********He sat up and blinked again, and saw as she steped closer she was not a woman but a girl. No more than 16. Her face was very pale, and her eyes were blue and seemed very dark against the delicate peach of her skin. She was wearing a gray cloak that fell around her in waves as soft as doves feathers, the spun cloth so fine it was almost like silk. Beneath was the cream-white of robes with a dark green edging. Some sort of insignia on a fine silver chain, he made out a curve of metal, but the rest was hidden by shadow. The hood was raised, but the hair beneath that fell over her forehead was so blond it was almost white. The hands that clasped at her narow waist were slim and delicate.

She was breathtaking.

She stood very still looking at him and then said in a voice that was low and musical "You are Kerris?"

He didnt answer for a moment, sitting in his threadbarne clothes. His very shape and form was opposite of hers as if he had been made as a negitive of her. Skin so tan it was almost black, eyes the same color as the earth. Hair a shade of black that would have made a Raven envy. His face was handsome, and well cut, but it was a face that had seen much wind and weather. His hands were rough, tempered by many days of work. He was tall, and though not particularly broadshouldered, compared to her he looked as if he was Hurcules himself. He regaurded her for a long moment, and the girl simply looked back at him unmoving.

"Thats what they call me" He said finaly.

She nodded "I have been sent to featch you" She said, and steped to one side. She motioned "It is time for you to leave this cell."

He nodded and slowly rose. He was taller than she, but only an inch or so. When he rose she turned without a trace of fear and elad him out. She moved with great care, as if each motion of her body was some part of a ritual. She was graceful, and he found himself watching her in appreciation.

"You know, I killed a man. I could just strike you from behind" HE said.

She turned back and smiled slightly. "You will not harm me."

"How do you know"

"Your eyes" She said.

He looked at her oddly "What?"

"Your eyes. They told me" She said and she sounded amused now.

"Who are you?"

"One of the sisters of Minas" Said the girl "They call me Xana"

The gaurds watched as they passed, their faces cold. When Xana turned to look at them, they softened a little, and bowed their heads slightly.

She reached out and touched each on the brow "Blessings to you, faithful ones" She said.

Kerris snorted a little and when they had passed he said "Why did you do that? They're fools, and brutes."

"Did they beat you?"

He blinked "What?"

"Did they beat you?"


"Spit in your food? Put feces in it."

His mouth dropped open "No"

"They could have done those things or more. In their minds you are a killer, and no law of this land would hold them accountable for more than a few coins if they beat you, or worse. They could have done anything to you. Yet they did not. They brought your food untouched, they left you alone. They are hard men, but fair ones. They acted with great honor in their duty. Thus, my goddess leaves her blessing to them." She said gently.

He shrugged and then thought about what she hd said "Wait....they believe I am a killer. What do you believe?"

"That I see no death in your eyes. No hate. Anger yes. Sadness, yes. Your are alone. But you are no killer, Kerris. I see." She said softly, and then spoke no more for a long time.*****************

This flows beautifuly, nothing else I write between them works. Its all stilted!
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