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The locket.

Marcia put a hand to her chest and stepped back more shocked by the display than anything else. The young woman closed her eyes and shook her head then stepped over and knelt down to face the Cainoid as she timidly put a hand on his muzzle to caress it gently and spoke. “I..I’m nothing special, at least no one you should bow to. I’m flattered and honored, but Chaney I mean this could all be some sort of mistake. So please don’t trouble yourself for me, but thank you all the same. I was wrong about you, you have a kind and wondrous heart.”

Gant could only smile as he spoke and reached over to tap another control as he pointed at her necklace that held her locket. He didn’t know of any other way to convince her, but give her hard proof.
“Marcia I’m afraid it’s no mistake, and I think I know what the cause of your being able to remain hidden. It’s that little trinket right there.. Care to tell us about it?”

Marcia reached up and held the tiny golden locket and chain then opened the tiny trinket as she examined it closely. The picture of three people appeared instantly, a tiny complex hologram of a brown-headed young man, an attractive red headed woman and a tiny four year old little girl. It was her fourth birthday when her mother presented her with the locket, she’d been told never to remove it. Only when alone or when doing such things as showering was she allowed to do so, because it was a good luck charm. As a four year-old she’d believed it and had followed her mother’s wishes to the letter.
Of course now, it all made sense as she realized there may have been other reasons as to why she’d been told not to remove the object. Marcia looked up to give Zu an uncertain look then turned back towards the doctor and spoke.

“I received this when I had my fourth birthday, my mother told me it was a good luck charm and she told me never to remove it. I don’t know…I just sort of followed she and my father’s wishes. I was so happy to have a tiny holo-display it’s dear to me… My mother died awhile back…father passed before her… He was out on the Rim, that’s what they said and..and…”

The girl couldn’t help it and began to cry, she’d loved both her parents dearly, the last time she’d seen her father they’d had a bit of an argument. It was before her mother became sick, the two never reconciled and the matter still bothered Marcia even to this day. Soon afterwards, her mother became deftly ill. Marcia’s sobs continued as she reached over and hugged Chaney and cried as the tears came fourth and wouldn’t stop. In all the time since she’d lost them, she’d cried a bit. But, she’d kept it in, hidden away. Now it all came out, Marcia hated crying…..
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