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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
11:41 am
Tardy to the Party
Egads! I'm so behind here. I don't think I'll ever catch up.
And Sarah, I find that I have to write for one person at a time--if I'm doing two people at once, it takes me awhile (especially if the two are having a conversation) because I have to 'pretend' their personalities to figure out how they will respond to something. For some characters, it doesn't take long at all--I have such a good handle on their personality and know how they will react to a particular stimulus--on others, I really have to think. And a lot of my stuff seems stilted to me, mainly because my father drilled proper English speech into me, and I saw first-hand how speech affects reactions and first-impressions, so I worked hard to sound well-spoken--playing characters who don't speak well or properly is particularly difficult for me.
You should see me play a character--when I really get into it, my facial expressions and gestures will be those of my character (not necessarily me)!
At one time, I thought about getting a job as a proof-reader/editor for a publishing company or something of the sort--I do really well unless I've written the work I'm proof-reading.

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Friday, November 25th, 2005
2:46 pm
Getting things started again
I'm going to start us writing again as soon as possible. first..a good nap on this T day.
Sunday, July 17th, 2005
6:36 pm
This is an excerpt from my adult Record of Lodoss War game, which has been re-written. It was originally done in chat with a friend of mine, then posted in the group and I just wanted to write more about it. It doesn't contain sex (that happened the night before), but it felt passionate to me. This is just a part of a larger story. Ileta started out as just a slutty NPC (it IS an adult game) whom Aryen would bang and drain, but I suddenly felt the urge to give him a sidekick since he is sorta a bad guy, so Blake and I decided that Aryen would turn her. I'm not familiar with many vampire based RPGs such as White Wolf or Vampire: The Masquerade, and there is very little about vampires in Lodoss (it was never mentioned in the anime or manga, but in the RPG, and only briefly), so I went with logic, using what I've gleaned off other vampire stories to build Lodoss vampires for my game. If you don't think it fits your vision of vampires, oh well, bite me (bad pun). Just about all Aryen says and does was decided by his player, but I've re-written it in context with Ileta's point of view. It may seem short, and perhaps too easy for her to accept it, but I think that Ileta is being influenced by a sense of loyalty toward her sire that was sort of "inborn" in her rebirth.

Aryen is © Blake McLean (No, not my boyfriend, actually an ex. Yes, I've dated two Blakes and it can be confusing.)
Ileta is © Me.
All Lodoss elements (mention of Forcelia and Falis) are © Ryo Mizuno and Group SNE.

Ileta slept in a strange barely-conscious dream as she hovered between life and death. The same themes looped in her mind, now which she could barely comprehend. As she woke, her body felt odd. Somehow hollow and cold. Not cold on the outside, but on the inside, and it wasn't uncomfortable, it was just there. As her eyes flickered open, she was greeted by a close view of her ceiling, but she wasn't actually close to it. She could see it's details as clearly as if she were sitting not but a few inches away. It was rather strangely lit, sort of as if dusk were falling, but not quite. Places that were usually shadowed, she could see. She was weak and felt hungry, but it wasn't the sort of hunger she was familiar with. Her mouth had a metallic taste in it, the taste of blood which she was used to only tasting when she cut her lip, or had some sort of wound in her mouth, and now, she craved it.

Last night....I was bitten by a vampire, Ileta thought, but that couldn't be true. That couldn't happen to her. Maybe it was a dream. Her hand moved up to her neck as she thought, and she was shocked to feel a crust of dried blood on her skin. She felt further to find two bumps on her neck, like old, healed over scars. Aryen had bitten her, and then given her his blood from a cut in his wrist. She couldn't remember much beyond that except that she was certain she died.

The barmaid sat up in bed, skin and hair ripping apart from the dried blood on her sheets and pillow, and she scanned her room with her improved vision. Sitting across the room from her bed in her chair was the beautiful man she brought home and who sunk his fangs into her throat, now fully dressed and staring at her intently with sharp blue eyes peering out from beneath his black bangs, his long fingered hand over his mouth. From behind his hand, she could see the corner of his lips pull up in a smirk.

"So you are awake. How do you feel?" he asked, leaning back in the chair. He seemed curious and intrigued.

"What...did you do to me?" Ileta said softly, afraid of what he might do to her now, and she drew her blanket protectively around her. Yet, she felt she could trust him, she felt...connected to him. The vampire stood and walked to her beside, seating himself on the edge. His eyes met hers, capturing her in his gaze. Was that how he seduced her? Not that it was ever hard to seduce Ileta, but within moments of meeting him, she had walked out of work, forgot all prior arrangements and brought him home. Looking back, she recalled that he had a predatory light about his eyes, but now, they were gentle and curious. Almost innocent in a way.

"I have given you the gift that was placed upon me, eternal life," Aryen replied.

Ileta couldn't believe what he said. Eternal life? Vampires were immortal, weren't they. She had never considered it a gift, more like a curse. Doomed to walk Forcelia for eternity, feeding off mortals and condemned by the gods. Maybe they saw it differently. "A...gift? You...made me a vampire?" Ileta whispered and broke her gaze from Aryen's.

The vampire nodded, which she saw from the corner of her vision. "Yes, most think of it as a cursed life, but yet there is so much more to it," he said softly. He leaned forward and reached for her neck, placing a finger up on the scars on her neck. Despite the situation, his touch was electric, causing a tingle to spread up the back of neck. The thought of still being attracted to that blood-sucking monster appalled her conscious mind, and she denied the attraction. He changed her life forever, and not in any way she would have wanted. "You are the first I've made before," he added in a whisper of awe. And when he said that, in that soft voice, Ileta's barrier of defiance slipped just a little more.

"Why me? Why did you do this to me?" she whimpered. Reality had been slowly seeping into her, though she fought hard against it as it soaked in. Pressure was building in her throat and behind her eyes, threatening to cry. A few tears leaked from her eyes, but she suppressed the rest. Aryen shook his head, as if speaking to a child who was ignorant of the truth. When he looked up, he saw the tears slowly gliding down her cheek and brushed them away with his slim forefinger. Another small, yet significant action that chipped away at her barrier and raised further confusion in her feelings for him. By all rights, she should hate him, but something inside her yearned to be close to him.

"I did this to you because you are worthy of this gift, so I gave it to you," he replied confidently.

"I'm not worthy..." she started, and stopped. Why wasn't she worthy of this curse he kept calling a gift? "I didn't want this," she said, as if to replace her first comment. He looked away from her, and Ileta thought he was disappointed, or maybe wounded by her words. Why should she care if he was disappointed in her? He ruined her life for Falis' sake! But what sort of life do I have that's so important? Tend bars my entire life and handing out favors to men in back alleys? Ileta thought. Aryen actually was interested in her pleasure the night before, most men only cared as long as they got off. But then, they didn't drink her blood.

Aryen looked to her again, a gentle smile on his lips. Behind those lips were a pair of sharp fangs Ileta was better acquainted with that she would have liked to be. “I will take care of you. Trust me, you will learn to like this way of life. I will teach you everything that was taught to me by my creator,” he spoke assuringly.

All his talk about teaching her and taking care of her was overwhelming. She was just barely coming to grips with being a vampire—which she couldn't quite accept at this point. There was no denying that she changed from what he had done, she could feel it inside her. Her senses were sharper and...she craved blood. She was weak and knew that she was hungry, though it wasn't her stomach telling her so. It was more...instinct. Ileta knew how vampires fed--that much was obvious from what she had learned from stories--she would have to kill to sustain herself. "I'm...I'm hungry, I think," she said softly, avoiding his gaze.

"Then you should feed. It's the first, most important step,” Aryen replied. Feed. He makes it sound so natural and innocent, she thought. Aryen stood, extending his hand to help her to her feet. Another chip in the barrier, seeing him above her, so eager to help and guide her. “Let us go find you a suitable victim," he said, waiting for her to take his hand. The barrier was built up again. Ileta drew her legs close to her body and wrapped her arms around her knees.

"I've never killed a person before...I've only hurt people when I need to protect myself, I don't know if I can," she said, avoiding his eyes. She didn't want to see him disappointed again. Why did she care so much if he was disappointed?

"Trust me, once the time comes, you will understand everything," he persuaded. "Now we must get going, if you are hungry then you must satisfy the thirst."

Ileta worried the blanket at her knees, unable to get herself to stand yet. Could she do this? Vampires had to kill to survive. But did she want to live like this? Why not just starve herself? Aryen wouldn't let her, of that she was sure. He couldn't let the first vampire he made just starve herself to death. He cared about her, or else he would have sucked her dry and left her to die. Almost without thinking of her movement, Ileta turned and swung her legs over the side of the bed, still modestly wrapped in a blanket. She was not commonly a modest woman, but she felt the need for some sort of protection. "I still have blood on my neck," she said, feeling the dry crust as she moved.

Aryen smirked, lightly amused, “It's not the best thing to leave on yourself,” he agreed, then looked about her room. Spotting a pitcher of water on her dresser, he went to fetch it and brought it back to her. He slipped his hand in, bringing out a handful of water, then poured it down the side of her neck. Aryen's fingers brushed her skin softly and washed away the blood.

Ileta trembled and arched her neck to the side as the last barrier of her mind crumbled with his intimate gesture. The new vampiress stood--Aryen's eyebrow raised in pleasant surprise and his hand remained on her neck—met her sire's gaze for a brief moment before allowing the blanket to fall from her shoulders and to the floor. Her arms wrapped around his slim waist and she pulled herself close, resting her head on his opposite shoulder. Aryen paused his work for a moment, quite shocked by her reaction. Ileta closed her eyes and his hand began to caress her neck again, occasionally leaving her skin to wet it with more water.

She breathed his scent in deeply, it was so much more acute than she could recall. He had no body odor unlike most men, besides her scent, but beneath hers, and the smell of blood, his skin smelled clean. It was amazing how she could pick out these scents. Maybe being a vampire wasn't so bad. "Tell me about the one who made you...were you scared?" Ileta whispered against his neck.

"Of course I was scared, but yet I accepted it after I thought about it," he replied. Ileta listened to the soothing baritone reverberate in his chest as he spoke. His hand moved from her neck to her shoulder. What blood he had left in her had pooled not only behind her neck, but down her shoulder and back while her body wrestled with life, death and eventually settling on un-death in the last few hours since he had bitten her.

"I'm sure you didn't have much of a choice," she said in a strange combination of sympathy and bitterness. She breathed in deeply. She could smell her blood and another's in his veins, the scent seeping through his pale skin. It made her mouth water. "Why were you...chosen?"

"I didn't really have much of a choice, but I was chosen because she thought I had the will to survive as I am now," he replied. He paused, involving himself in cleansing her shoulder and back. "I...apologize..." he said lowly.

Ileta didn't reply. He had every reason to apologize, and how could she forgive him? What was done was done, but with the coaxing of a voice somewhere within her mind she realized she was only at the beginning of a new life. She couldn't judge it's outcome yet. There was no way she could accept his apology, but the fact he said it did do some good. He was truly sorry, she knew it, but she had nothing her pride would allow her to say. Instead, she nuzzled against his throat. She heard Aryen sigh before he wrapped his arms around her and held her. A kiss was placed on her scars, and if she had any resistance left, it was shattered. She was very aware of just where he kissed her, and as she opened her eyes to examine his neck, she saw no scars of the puncture that made him what he was.

"Will that go away? My scar?" she asked. His head slowly moved against hers in a nod, silken black hair sliding against her blonde hair. His wet hand moved off her back to scoop another handful of water that he poured into her hair to wash away the blood.

Aryen replied, “After you feed, the blood will rejuvenate you, giving you the ability to regenerate.” Ileta only nodded. The scent of blood in his veins was tempting her to bite into his neck, and the dwindling voice of betrayal was screaming from a distance to get revenge, but she restrained herself. She didn't want to break the moment. Taking deep breaths to control herself, Ileta relaxed under Aryen's ministrations. Where they would go from here would no doubt be a long, hard journey, but Ileta just wanted to enjoy the moment.
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:03 pm
Kerris looked at the slip of a girl sharply and nearly spat as he spoke. The young man was tired, his lip hurt and his jaw was still swollen slightly from the thrashing he'd taken awhile back. Now this girl was asking him all sorts of questions, it was unnerving...worse was the fact that she seemed to be able to stare into his soul.
"Look!! What in the name of the gods do you want of me?!! You come here and ask me all sort's of questions, don't you know who I am?? You're awfully brave coming here and just talking to me. How do you know I'm not a killer?? That's what everyone else says I am.."

He was frustrated, tired and just plain tired of it all. The most likely thing would be he'd either be hanged or he'd be gelded and tortured to death.. A slow painful end for a convicted killer... But..in his heart he knew..in his mind he knew.. he hadn't killed anyone. But no one belived him.. no one...

Xana sat there calmly and listened to the young man, he was in turmoil, his heart and soul were in such pain it was almost thick in the air. Tangible..solid...real as the solid floor they stood and sat upon.

The young woman's revere was broken by the low gaffaw then bursting laughter of another in a cell near them. A man's voice rang out as he soke.

"Yer wastin yer time fluff.. That one there is bound for the gallows or worse!! Ye'd be havin more luck at tryin..ta wrest milk from a rock. Leave em be...let the bugger rot!! And come o'er here and spend some time with Ol Connor!!"

((I thought I'd add a boost for you Sarah. I hope it's okay.))
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
10:17 pm
The Smiggit
This is when Xana goes to take Kerris from Prison. She knows he is her chosen protector, he has no idea she is the holy child.

*********He sat up and blinked again, and saw as she steped closer she was not a woman but a girl. No more than 16. Her face was very pale, and her eyes were blue and seemed very dark against the delicate peach of her skin. She was wearing a gray cloak that fell around her in waves as soft as doves feathers, the spun cloth so fine it was almost like silk. Beneath was the cream-white of robes with a dark green edging. Some sort of insignia on a fine silver chain, he made out a curve of metal, but the rest was hidden by shadow. The hood was raised, but the hair beneath that fell over her forehead was so blond it was almost white. The hands that clasped at her narow waist were slim and delicate.

She was breathtaking.

She stood very still looking at him and then said in a voice that was low and musical "You are Kerris?"

He didnt answer for a moment, sitting in his threadbarne clothes. His very shape and form was opposite of hers as if he had been made as a negitive of her. Skin so tan it was almost black, eyes the same color as the earth. Hair a shade of black that would have made a Raven envy. His face was handsome, and well cut, but it was a face that had seen much wind and weather. His hands were rough, tempered by many days of work. He was tall, and though not particularly broadshouldered, compared to her he looked as if he was Hurcules himself. He regaurded her for a long moment, and the girl simply looked back at him unmoving.

"Thats what they call me" He said finaly.

She nodded "I have been sent to featch you" She said, and steped to one side. She motioned "It is time for you to leave this cell."

He nodded and slowly rose. He was taller than she, but only an inch or so. When he rose she turned without a trace of fear and elad him out. She moved with great care, as if each motion of her body was some part of a ritual. She was graceful, and he found himself watching her in appreciation.

"You know, I killed a man. I could just strike you from behind" HE said.

She turned back and smiled slightly. "You will not harm me."

"How do you know"

"Your eyes" She said.

He looked at her oddly "What?"

"Your eyes. They told me" She said and she sounded amused now.

"Who are you?"

"One of the sisters of Minas" Said the girl "They call me Xana"

The gaurds watched as they passed, their faces cold. When Xana turned to look at them, they softened a little, and bowed their heads slightly.

She reached out and touched each on the brow "Blessings to you, faithful ones" She said.

Kerris snorted a little and when they had passed he said "Why did you do that? They're fools, and brutes."

"Did they beat you?"

He blinked "What?"

"Did they beat you?"


"Spit in your food? Put feces in it."

His mouth dropped open "No"

"They could have done those things or more. In their minds you are a killer, and no law of this land would hold them accountable for more than a few coins if they beat you, or worse. They could have done anything to you. Yet they did not. They brought your food untouched, they left you alone. They are hard men, but fair ones. They acted with great honor in their duty. Thus, my goddess leaves her blessing to them." She said gently.

He shrugged and then thought about what she hd said "Wait....they believe I am a killer. What do you believe?"

"That I see no death in your eyes. No hate. Anger yes. Sadness, yes. Your are alone. But you are no killer, Kerris. I see." She said softly, and then spoke no more for a long time.*****************

This flows beautifuly, nothing else I write between them works. Its all stilted!

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
9:41 pm
Farrow tapped her com "Aye aye, Per." There was a pause and then "Got a class G planet within a hop. We can set down there. Give me twenty minutes."

The captian cleared his throat "I still would like to know who the hell just attacked us?"
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
1:21 pm
A quick fix to the engines
Marcia stopped crying and let Chaney hold her for as long as the Canoid wished. The scene would've seemed odd if beheld by any others, a large furry alien genly holding and rocking a small human woman as if she were the most delicate of treasures. It was a testiment to the furry crewman's heart of gold, Doc smiled and cleared his throat slightly as he noticed everyone in the med-bay and tapped on the comm near him in reply to Farrow. "No need to worry Farrow, we've found out something rather interesting about our guest, Miss Marcia. I'll fill you in later."

Perrin crawled throughout the engines and had everything running smoothly, the jump to lightspeed had gone with ease. It meant less to worry about, it was then the young man noticed a slight hissing noise. It was coming from one of the coolant tanks, which was bad..very bad. The young man grabbed a sealer and rushed to work on the leak, it wasn't an atmosphere leak which made things much easier and safer. Still, if Perrin hadn't gotten to it they might've had problems for sure. But, then repairing things was his job and Perrin wouldn't have had it any other type of way, the young man quickly fixed the part then tapped the comm as he spoke to Farrow in the pilot's roost. "Farrow? This is Per, can you find us a place to set down? I need to work on the coolant system, I've patched it for now but it won't last."

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
11:16 am
Chaney enfolded the woman in an embrace, warm and furry. It was odd to see the huge alien so gentle with the smaller woman.

“There are no shame in tears, my lady” He said softly “And as to my vow, It is given freely and there is no force in this universe that can take it back. I will always protect you, Lady Marcia. It is my duty, but more so I want to.” He smiled a little “Farrow likes you very much and she is rarely wrong about people, you know.”

The captain clearned his throat gently “I am sorry about your loss Miss Marcia, but its important you talk to Doc. People are shooting at my ship, and this has something to do with who you are, I wanna know…”

Zu elbowed him roughly “Don’t be mean captain! She’s crying! You ought to never be mean to a lady who’s crying!” She steped forward, and put a gentle hand on the girls shoulder “When Perrin’s feeling better, I’ll bring Mr. Cuddles in for you.” She said.

The captain gave the doc a look that said //My ship is full of crazy women//
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
5:41 pm
The locket.
Marcia put a hand to her chest and stepped back more shocked by the display than anything else. The young woman closed her eyes and shook her head then stepped over and knelt down to face the Cainoid as she timidly put a hand on his muzzle to caress it gently and spoke. “I..I’m nothing special, at least no one you should bow to. I’m flattered and honored, but Chaney I mean this could all be some sort of mistake. So please don’t trouble yourself for me, but thank you all the same. I was wrong about you, you have a kind and wondrous heart.”

Gant could only smile as he spoke and reached over to tap another control as he pointed at her necklace that held her locket. He didn’t know of any other way to convince her, but give her hard proof.
“Marcia I’m afraid it’s no mistake, and I think I know what the cause of your being able to remain hidden. It’s that little trinket right there.. Care to tell us about it?”

Marcia reached up and held the tiny golden locket and chain then opened the tiny trinket as she examined it closely. The picture of three people appeared instantly, a tiny complex hologram of a brown-headed young man, an attractive red headed woman and a tiny four year old little girl. It was her fourth birthday when her mother presented her with the locket, she’d been told never to remove it. Only when alone or when doing such things as showering was she allowed to do so, because it was a good luck charm. As a four year-old she’d believed it and had followed her mother’s wishes to the letter.
Of course now, it all made sense as she realized there may have been other reasons as to why she’d been told not to remove the object. Marcia looked up to give Zu an uncertain look then turned back towards the doctor and spoke.

“I received this when I had my fourth birthday, my mother told me it was a good luck charm and she told me never to remove it. I don’t know…I just sort of followed she and my father’s wishes. I was so happy to have a tiny holo-display it’s dear to me… My mother died awhile back…father passed before her… He was out on the Rim, that’s what they said and..and…”

The girl couldn’t help it and began to cry, she’d loved both her parents dearly, the last time she’d seen her father they’d had a bit of an argument. It was before her mother became sick, the two never reconciled and the matter still bothered Marcia even to this day. Soon afterwards, her mother became deftly ill. Marcia’s sobs continued as she reached over and hugged Chaney and cried as the tears came fourth and wouldn’t stop. In all the time since she’d lost them, she’d cried a bit. But, she’d kept it in, hidden away. Now it all came out, Marcia hated crying…..

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12:59 pm
The captain looked at Doc "You're serious. Really honestly Serious." He said in a soft funny voice.

Chaney said nothing at all. He simply went to Marcia, knelt on one knee and said "Your people, it is said, saved mine from extinction so many millenium ago. When we lost you, a great howl of grief came through space, all my people cried out together. My lady, as it was sworn before my great great great sires time, I am your servent. I will protect you always, as my people always have to yours."

"Oh for the love of...Chaney get up!" The captain snaped but Zu gave him an unusualy stern look "Not going to interfer with that, Captain. Thats chaney's people, their honor. Its his right as a Cainoid to pledge."

Farrow's voice on the Com "We're ok for now, what the hell's going on? Why'd they fire on us,. that wasn;t no alliance ship!"
Friday, April 15th, 2005
4:25 pm
What do you mean I'm half human?!!!
Marcia stepped over to the Diagnostics center along with Zu, as Chaney and the Captain stepped in. Gant was still going over the readings when he glanced back at their passenger and spoke. “I don’t want to alarm you young lady, but I found some rather startling um… results of your bio-scan. Tell me do you know everything about your parents?”

The young woman’s brow furrowed with confusion and she spoke in a bit of frustration as she placed her hands on her hips. “What type of question is that doctor? What did you find am I sick or something? I don’t see what my parents would have to do with a simple bio-scan.” Gant nodded, he could understand her annoyance, he wasn’t exactly being fourth coming and decided to forgo the gentle approach and spoke directly.

“You’re half human young lady, and the other half of your parentage was Iskhatarian. The readouts don’t lie.”

Marcia stared at the man for a moment, then looked back at Zu, then to Chaney and smiled as she shook her head and spoke in disbelief. “Is he serious?!! I’m just as human as anybody, my mother and father both were plan old folks. I know!! If there was anything about me that would’ve been inhuman don’t you think someone would’ve found out by now?”
The gray-haired doctor shook his head and spoke and laughed a bit as he noticed the looks she gave him and the looks the rest of his crew mates we’re giving him. Reaching over he turned the screen towards the gathered individuals and spoke in his calm usual manner. “No jokes and no lies, you are half Iskhatarian my dear. Believe me, I don’t lie. Medicine is one thing I’m dead serious and honest about. I can’t explain how your hidden nature wasn’t detected all these years, but all of us here know the myths about the Iskhatarians. They were a Seeder race, whose technology was so far above ours nothing comes close. Not even the Alliance Elite have anything remotely close to it, I know from personal experience. It could be something a parent left you, a ring, or an armlet or whatever. But, perhaps they gave you something to hide your heritage, I mean there are things children know and things that they don’t know about their parents. Everyone has secrets.”

Marcia had to think about that one, the young woman thought back to when her mother and father would take trips out on the rim. Somehow her father was always able to gather the money for those long and expensive trips. The outer Kribell colony, was one of the favorite vacation spots many Terrans couldn’t get enough of. It was a pleasant G type world, which held age old ruins of a long dead ancient race. Archeologists had been investigating the place for years and still couldn’t gain a clue as to their origins or what happened to them.

The facts hit her like a hyper-transport, the ruins had been Iskhatarian… Her father always loved going out and exploring the ruins, he’d take her with her. Every Sunday afternoon when they were on vacation, it was a routine with him. Marcia then recalled when around her Tenth birthday she’d become very ill one such excursion while on vacation. All she remembered from that day was the fever, her father carrying her home and then nothing until waking up the next day in her bed in their hotel room. Marcia’s mother was furious with the man, but like all matters in their family it was soon resolved and forgotten. Marcia’s bottom lip quivered and the young woman stepped back reflexively as she thought about it then nearly fell as she felt Zu catch her. She wasn’t going to faint, but she definitely was unnerved, as she spoke.

“H..how?! I mean..it..it can’t be.. But.. are you sure?”

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
7:03 pm
Zu smiled sweetly "Come on over here, Marcia. Farrow's the best of the best and she'll keep us steady now that we've jumped."

The captian ducked in "Whats all the shouting about?" HE asked, as chaney loomed behind him.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
10:37 pm
A damn gutsy move
Timothy Dale cursed as he glared at the commander of the Corsair. The vessel they’d come across in the back lanes matched the silhouette of the transport ship, which had held up the Veriton McNale.
The commander glanced over at the mercenary and paid him no mind, they were being paid by Dale to take the ship and crew intact. Not blow them out of space, and the pay was damn good. Barton could live with the man cursing on his bridge, not that he could blame him, whoever was piloting that ship was one hell of a good pilot. Not to mention the damn thing’s shields took a direct shot with no problem. These little pirates were no amateurs, and that made it a challenge. A crewman, turned and spoke as he regarded the large portly man sitting in the chair.

“Sir, they’re banking. I don’t believe it…but I think they’re actually going to try and return fire. On us sir? We have them outgunned two to one.”

Barton’s eyes narrowed as the small ship, ducked, dodged and bypassed a volley of fire meant for it’s main engines. He wasn’t sure, then with an unbelievable maneuverability the transport let loose at the Corsair with two plasma cannon shots to the vessel’s sensor array. The damage was negligible, but it was bright enough to temporarily blind Barton’s scanning capabilities as well as visual. The small ship literally turned in a 360* arch using it’s outer thrusters and within mere moments went into hyper drive.
They were good, very good as the maneuver had been gutsy, crazy and overall brilliant. Depending on their hyper-drive it might take hours or days to pick up their trail. And that was if, Barton’s people had gotten a track on them. As he turned and growled a question at his ops technician, he noticed the look on Dale’s face.

“Well?? Were you able to get a track on them or a scan at least?”

The man shook his head as he spoke. “No sir, their shot was enough to confuse the sensors.. Too much broadband radiation caused by the plasma burst sir. They could be anywhere.”

Barton nodded then turned towards Dale and spoke.

“Don’t worry Mr. Dale, we’ll find them. Pirate rabble like that can only, go to a few places in this part of Alliance space. And I happen to know a few they won’t get far.”

Mikki had rushed to the gun batteries, immediately after he’d heard the message Farrow yelled over the comm. The boy might’ve been annoying and even unthinking at times, but he was one of the best shots that Captain Timmus had ever seen. When their lives were at stake he was all about business. Strapping himself into the seat, he warmed up the guns and put the headset on as the ship ducked and swiveled. As he heard the command to fire from the Captain, the boy smiled and gave a two volley shot which hit it’s mark dead on.

The maneuver was known as “Blind man’s bluff” but it worked almost every time and with that little move they jumped into hyper-drive almost immediately afterwards. The ship was safe for now.

Marcia could feel the ship moving and weaving as she picked herself up off the floor, the young woman wasn’t hurt but had the wind knocked out of her. Farrow’s wild piloting had kept them alive but, Marcia wasn’t used to the rigors of space combat, as she rose slowly and noticed a hand offering to help her up. Glancing up, she saw a girl, who had to be Zu.
Gant kept his seat throughout the entire escapade as he looked back at the screen and then noticed it wasn’t wrong. This girl, was only half-human, that wasn’t the thing that shocked him. What shocked him was the other half. She was half Iskhatarian, and that race had been long thought to be extinct for quite a long time. But the evidence was undeniable, two hearts, two circulatory systems, apparently her genetic heritage as a half Iskhatarian hadn’t come to maturity, at least yet. One of the rarest species ever. And a hybrid was here in their midst. As he gasped again, he turned and spoke again. “Captain…Chaney, I need you here to look at this. Um.. Zu, bring Miss Marcia over here would you please?”

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Everything gone to....
Zu tapped the com "Be right in Doc!" She said happily and slipped down off the creat she was siting on "I gotta go meet the new girl, Perrin. I'll see you later." She grinned "Keep that smile on!"

She headed for the medbay, and was there just in time to hear the doc exclaim. Suddenly all buisness she burst into the Medbay "Whats wrong!"

Chaney looked up as he heard the doc yell. "Whats going on?"

The ship jerked as a shot was fired. Farrow Jerked up as the shields bounced a lazor shot off the hull. "What the...." She turned and looked up at a consol "Where the hell did THAT ship come from!"

She grabbed the controlls and snaped off the auto pilot while broadcasting to the open Com "Everyone hang on! We're under attack! I'm getting us out of here!"
3:00 pm
Gant led the young woman into the med bay, it was small, Spartan very clean. The bio-scanner was a long six foot cot which was at a slight angle, a patient could lay on it comfortably while, he sat in the diagnostics center and overlooked the data it relayed. The Diagnostics center as he called it was little more than a small and very cramped 5x5 cube where a single chair sat within a semi circle of monitors, computers and other medical housing computers.
Zu was the computer wizard who’d lined up the whole thing, the Freeman might’ve looked poor, but it had a first A class computer set up. The old man thought about the girl with the chipper attitude. She’d never said much about the accident that cost her both arms, the young woman always kept a face full of good cheer and happiness. Gant knew there was something underlying, but he’d never say anything as Zu always said the past was best forgotten and that one should focus on the present and hope for the best future possible. It was that one simple fact that made Gant keep a good view on things, sometimes he was given to having a dour attitude and disposition. But, it was near impossible to do whenever Zu was around. Stopping himself from musing, he turned towards Marcia and spoke as he gestured to the small cot and spoke.

“If you’ll just lie down on that Bio-scanner young lady, I’ll head over here and we can give you the once over.”

Marcia nodded and took in the sight of the small medical center it was certainly impressive. For a small pirate vessel, it was filled with some modern and state of the art equipment that she’d seen in her own physician’s office. They had a an old Autech Class A Bio-scanner which looked like they’d upgraded it to a Class S, it was adaptable and could also opt as a Surgeon’s table. There were five cots in the small room and it was filled with equipment, medicine cabinets and even a small cybernetic medical apparatus for repairing or replacing cyber limbs or parts. More and more she was becoming far more impressed with these people, as they’d either made some good hauls or gotten very lucky to procure such equipment. As she stepped over to the cot and lay down on it she spoke out of curiosity.

“I noticed you have a cybernetics repair station, small but it looks brand new. Is that for the girl you mentioned Zu? I’ve only seen one of those once before and even then it was in a Grand Hospital on earth. However in the world did you get a small compact model like that one?”

Gant chuckled as he sat down in the Diagnostics center and began typing in the startup sequence. The elderly man smiled and spoke as he turned in Marcia’s direction. “Hahaha.. Well fortune smiles upon the brave, the good and you might want to ask Zu that. She was the one who got it free and clear. The girl has more than a few contacts in the medical community, we were able to pick that up recently as half payment for a contract we did. Would you like to meet her? Hold on I’ll call her up on the comm.”
Tapping the comm system Gant spoke into it as he chuckled some more, and it was then he realized. Where the heck had Miki gotten too? He’d have expected the boy to be down here drooling over the young lady, the place was clean and the Bio-Scanner was clean as a whip. It was then he say a small form stepping quietly up near the Bio-scanner from the utility closet.

“Zu! Gant here, could you come to the Med-bay. I’ve someone who wants to meet you and I think she needs saving from a certain hormone driven young man we know and love.”

Marcia had closed her eyes for a moment then opened them when she heard someone approach, a teenager was before her. He couldn’t have been that much older than her cousin Tony. In his early teens or so and by the look of him very happy to see her, or rather her chest as his eyes kept giving her the once over. The young woman smiled and shook her head as she spoke in friendly tone. “Hello, you’re not the doctor’s assistant are you?”

Gant turned the comm off and was about to get up and go introduce Miki as well as save Marcia from the leering lad when he noticed something very peculiar. The Bio-scanner beeped chirped and an image displayed on the screen. The doctor’s mouth nearly dropped and he spoke out-loud audibly enough that it carried throughout the med bay and even into the hall.

“Omigod!! Tha…that’s not possible!!!”

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
7:37 pm
Zu smiled and sat back "She looked like a princess in a fairy tale. She;s so pretty when she smiles like that. I don;t think she knows that, but she is. It must have been very good tea to make her feel so good...." She tipped her head.


The captain motioned to Chaney "Come on and give me a hand wioth some of the cargo." The two followed the doc and Marcia out.

This left Farrow to watch the stars. She really didnt have to do much to just keep the old girl on course, and she smiled a little. She felt better. More cheerful.

She began to sing softly, the song she had sang for Perrins birthday just a few months ago, under her breath.

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2:55 pm
Jealous engines and a Gentleman Doc
Perrin smiled and blushed at the same time, then spoke as he looked at the stuffed toy and then back at Zu. “Aw Zu…thanks. You always know just what ta say to make a person feel better.”
At that moment, one of the engines gave a moaning noise almost as if jealous of the attention Perrin had been giving the young woman and not it. The young man stood and chuckled as he grabbed his new spanner and spoke, glancing back at Zu. “Looks like my babies are jealous. I gotta readjust the timer on the stabilizers. Thanks Zu.. So…she was smiling.. she liked the tea?”
Perrin placed the bear carefully on a secure shelf away from the grime and dirt, then crawled into the engine area whistling happily, the vat grown boy’s happiness was apparent as he whistled a jolly tune and went to work.

By the time Doc made it up to the cockpit, he noticed the place was a loud with laughter and mirth. The grizzled old man glanced around, and his eyes set on Marcia as he smiled and introduced himself. “Evening Miss, just call me Doc or Gant, either one will do. Let’s get you down to med bay and check you out. I promise I won’t stick you with a needle and my bedside manner is decent too.”
Marcia couldn’t help but smile, the old man’s demeanor was pleasant and he did have warmth to him. There was just something likable about him. Farrow was right in away he seemed like a kindly grandfather or that favorite uncle, one always loved to have visit. Marcia spoke as she glanced at the Captain and the others before leaving with the doctor.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. I just had a checkup two weeks ago, but I don’t see why not.”

Gant offered the young woman his arm and the two strode down the corridor as he walked with his cane in one hand and the other arm intertwined with Marcia’s own. “Well, welcome aboard the Free Man, I hope you enjoyed the stew. It was my own recipe as it was my turn to cook this time.”

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”Zu” Said the cainoid “Is the sweetest girl this side of the galaxy” He grinned “She;s a cyborg, but you’d never know it most of the time. She’s as gentle as a lamb.”

“Capt’n, all the goods are stored. Med bay is back up to snuff. I’m getting some grub, so if anyone decides to get hurt find me there.”

Timus smiled a little and hit the com “I’d like you to have a look at Miss Marcia. She got hauled around pretty good, and just being sure would be on the safe side.”

“You’ll like Doc” Said Farrow “He’s like everyones Grandpa.”

Zu put an arm around his shoulders and gave him a brief but strong hug. Even with his grime, she was the only female on board that could do that without being overcome.

“You know what I saw, Perrin? When I walked by the cock pitt and Farrow was sitting there? She was sipping on this tea, and smelling the honey. And she had such a look on her face. Such a happy look, she was smiling so sweet just like she was wrapped up in a warm sweet hug. I wonder who it was that gave her that tea that made her feel so much better after Miki was such a fool, do you know?” Her eyes twinkled kindly at him.

“And you don’t need to be scared of the new girl.” She said “We’ll be sure of you, don’t worry.”

She was quiet and then she said “Farrow likes you a whole lot, Perrin. You make her happy. In all those little ways you have, you do. So don’t be forgetting that.”
2:10 pm
A happy moment and MRE's
Marcia couldn’t help but laugh, these people got along as if they were family. The young woman Farrow and Chaney seemed to get along almost as if they were blood sister and brother. She couldn’t help but giggle at the comment about someone being placed in a locker, as she had to ask.

“Why did you um.. Put him, Miki is the name in a locker? I take it he’s difficult sometimes? And who’s Zu?”

It was great to see them so comfortable with each other, Marcia had a few friends and they were similar in their relations with her. Ofcourse, Phillip’s friends always seemed to be uptight or harried. The young woman guessed it probably had to do with their career choices. Phillip’s best friend was a fellow named Tom Quarrant, he’d been in the Alliance Special forces for as long as she’d known him. Every time the fellow got leave, he’d come home visit his family and immediately get together with Phillip, they’d go and have a boy’s night out. Which tended to make her feel badly sometimes considering the way Phillip would act towards her, she’d either be ignored or had to do with cancellations to any plans they might’ve had together that day or evening. It had caused quite an argument one time as they’d planned dinner, a night out and finally some quiet time together on her birthday last year. Tom showed up and Phillip cancelled all his plans, promising he’d make it up to her, Marcia was hurt and furious. She didn’t speak to him for a month afterwards, but somehow she always let him come back into her life as he made that same old promise. The promise that he’d never do it again and he’d make it up to her.
For the most part, Tom treated her decently but she’d never gotten to talk to him or know him very well. Then there was Anne Marie, she was Phillips co-worker and a total workaholic, with her everything was about work. Phillip had introduced her to Marcia in the hopes that it might bring Anne out of her own little world. No such luck, as Marcia discovered the woman’s life consisted of nothing but talking over work. It dawned on Marcia that she didn’t really care for Phillip’s friends that much. She envied these people a bit, their freedom, the way they had no set place to be or appointments to set. As she awaited a response as to her question she noticed the exotic ear-piece that Chaney wore, unconsciously leaning a bit closer and tilting her head to get a better look at it. It was absolutely beautiful, it looked like a colored bone ear-ring with crystal woven into the bone loops and tiny emerald runes.

Perrin took the stuffed toy and hugged it for a moment then sat down on a small stool as he spoke. The young man’s voice sounded a bit tired and there was just the underlying hint of pain there. “I…I got nervous when I heard there was another woman onboard… Cap’ll probably bring her down here and I’ll meet her, but it makes me.. What am I trying to say I… No..no that’s not it.”
The young man looked at Zu with wet eyes as he spoke again, this time a tear ran down his cheek. She was the only one he could really talk to, not that Zu couldn’t be affected either, it’s just she was really good at resisting things. They’d learned that early on, Doc called it stubbornness and a damn strong will and constitution. Perrin didn’t care, he was grateful that Zu always came to put him back in a good light.
“It hurts to see..Farrow so unhappy… I had the urge to give her a hug, but damnit I can’t!! It’s not fair Zu.. I hate being like this sometimes, I can’t even comfort her… not even a simple hug without…without…. I jus..just wish once I could give her a hug when she’s hurtin… Then Miki..didn’t help much… He kept saying he’d bring the lady here and wipe my face down for her to see… I know he’s only jokin…but Frack!! I shouldn’t let it get to me but it did..sorry Zu.”

Doc left Miki to his work, as he had other duties. The physician stopped when his stomach growled and he realized, he hadn’t had any chow since morning. Removing a MRE he’d gotten from Chaney, he tore the wrapping off the nutria-bar and ate the food with relish. He was the only person onboard who loved the stuff besides the Cainoid, they’d gotten a delivery job several weeks back to ship some new MRE stores to a location. Part to the payment included four months worth of the stuff, everyone else onboard hated the stuff as it gave them stomach problems and diarrhea, but Gant and Chaney had stomachs of iron and never once had a problem with the stuff.

As he happily ate his meal and hummed to himself he chanced across the inner communications pad and pressed it as he spoke into it between munches. “Capt’n, all the goods are stored. Med bay is back up to snuff. I’m getting some grub, so if anyone decides to get hurt find me there.”

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Chaney smiled “I am….well….I suppose I would be considered a weapons and hand to hand expert. I teach the crew how to fight outside the ship and…”

“He;s the toughest puppy on here!” Farrow smiled.

Chaney grinned a little “Farrow is good, but my best students are Zu and Miki…”

“Well that’s ‘Cuz I’m a lover not a fighter” She laughed.

“Ah yes, we remember that when you are trying to shove Miki in an airlock.”

“I have never tried to shove Miki in an airlock”

The captain smiled “Just stuffed him in a locker”

“Just a locker” Farrow Agreed.

Timus smiled at looked at Marcia “We have Stations of course, but with such a small ship we tend to run more…. laid back’s the term?”

“Lazy” Said Farrow.

Chaney grinned.

Zu smiled. It was sweet and gentle “Well that’s easy Perrin” She said “Its Cuz you’re all my family and when you love people you gotta look out for them.” She said.

She was quiet for a moment, her smile not changing “And you’re just like Farrow. She doesn’t like to let people know when she’s sad, like you don’t. only you don’t because you don’t want us to be sad for you, and she doesn’t because she doesn’t want us to think she’s weak.”

She held the bunny out to him “Here….Mr. Cuddles will help. So, do you wanna tell me why you’re sad today?”

“Under the Bio Scanner I got it…..” Miki said and grinned “I don’t need Holo Porn…I have a very good imagination.”

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