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A happy moment and MRE's

Marcia couldn’t help but laugh, these people got along as if they were family. The young woman Farrow and Chaney seemed to get along almost as if they were blood sister and brother. She couldn’t help but giggle at the comment about someone being placed in a locker, as she had to ask.

“Why did you um.. Put him, Miki is the name in a locker? I take it he’s difficult sometimes? And who’s Zu?”

It was great to see them so comfortable with each other, Marcia had a few friends and they were similar in their relations with her. Ofcourse, Phillip’s friends always seemed to be uptight or harried. The young woman guessed it probably had to do with their career choices. Phillip’s best friend was a fellow named Tom Quarrant, he’d been in the Alliance Special forces for as long as she’d known him. Every time the fellow got leave, he’d come home visit his family and immediately get together with Phillip, they’d go and have a boy’s night out. Which tended to make her feel badly sometimes considering the way Phillip would act towards her, she’d either be ignored or had to do with cancellations to any plans they might’ve had together that day or evening. It had caused quite an argument one time as they’d planned dinner, a night out and finally some quiet time together on her birthday last year. Tom showed up and Phillip cancelled all his plans, promising he’d make it up to her, Marcia was hurt and furious. She didn’t speak to him for a month afterwards, but somehow she always let him come back into her life as he made that same old promise. The promise that he’d never do it again and he’d make it up to her.
For the most part, Tom treated her decently but she’d never gotten to talk to him or know him very well. Then there was Anne Marie, she was Phillips co-worker and a total workaholic, with her everything was about work. Phillip had introduced her to Marcia in the hopes that it might bring Anne out of her own little world. No such luck, as Marcia discovered the woman’s life consisted of nothing but talking over work. It dawned on Marcia that she didn’t really care for Phillip’s friends that much. She envied these people a bit, their freedom, the way they had no set place to be or appointments to set. As she awaited a response as to her question she noticed the exotic ear-piece that Chaney wore, unconsciously leaning a bit closer and tilting her head to get a better look at it. It was absolutely beautiful, it looked like a colored bone ear-ring with crystal woven into the bone loops and tiny emerald runes.

Perrin took the stuffed toy and hugged it for a moment then sat down on a small stool as he spoke. The young man’s voice sounded a bit tired and there was just the underlying hint of pain there. “I…I got nervous when I heard there was another woman onboard… Cap’ll probably bring her down here and I’ll meet her, but it makes me.. What am I trying to say I… that’s not it.”
The young man looked at Zu with wet eyes as he spoke again, this time a tear ran down his cheek. She was the only one he could really talk to, not that Zu couldn’t be affected either, it’s just she was really good at resisting things. They’d learned that early on, Doc called it stubbornness and a damn strong will and constitution. Perrin didn’t care, he was grateful that Zu always came to put him back in a good light.
“It hurts to see..Farrow so unhappy… I had the urge to give her a hug, but damnit I can’t!! It’s not fair Zu.. I hate being like this sometimes, I can’t even comfort her… not even a simple hug without…without…. I jus..just wish once I could give her a hug when she’s hurtin… Then Miki..didn’t help much… He kept saying he’d bring the lady here and wipe my face down for her to see… I know he’s only jokin…but Frack!! I shouldn’t let it get to me but it did..sorry Zu.”

Doc left Miki to his work, as he had other duties. The physician stopped when his stomach growled and he realized, he hadn’t had any chow since morning. Removing a MRE he’d gotten from Chaney, he tore the wrapping off the nutria-bar and ate the food with relish. He was the only person onboard who loved the stuff besides the Cainoid, they’d gotten a delivery job several weeks back to ship some new MRE stores to a location. Part to the payment included four months worth of the stuff, everyone else onboard hated the stuff as it gave them stomach problems and diarrhea, but Gant and Chaney had stomachs of iron and never once had a problem with the stuff.

As he happily ate his meal and hummed to himself he chanced across the inner communications pad and pressed it as he spoke into it between munches. “Capt’n, all the goods are stored. Med bay is back up to snuff. I’m getting some grub, so if anyone decides to get hurt find me there.”
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