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Chaney smiled “I am….well….I suppose I would be considered a weapons and hand to hand expert. I teach the crew how to fight outside the ship and…”

“He;s the toughest puppy on here!” Farrow smiled.

Chaney grinned a little “Farrow is good, but my best students are Zu and Miki…”

“Well that’s ‘Cuz I’m a lover not a fighter” She laughed.

“Ah yes, we remember that when you are trying to shove Miki in an airlock.”

“I have never tried to shove Miki in an airlock”

The captain smiled “Just stuffed him in a locker”

“Just a locker” Farrow Agreed.

Timus smiled at looked at Marcia “We have Stations of course, but with such a small ship we tend to run more…. laid back’s the term?”

“Lazy” Said Farrow.

Chaney grinned.

Zu smiled. It was sweet and gentle “Well that’s easy Perrin” She said “Its Cuz you’re all my family and when you love people you gotta look out for them.” She said.

She was quiet for a moment, her smile not changing “And you’re just like Farrow. She doesn’t like to let people know when she’s sad, like you don’t. only you don’t because you don’t want us to be sad for you, and she doesn’t because she doesn’t want us to think she’s weak.”

She held the bunny out to him “Here….Mr. Cuddles will help. So, do you wanna tell me why you’re sad today?”

“Under the Bio Scanner I got it…..” Miki said and grinned “I don’t need Holo Porn…I have a very good imagination.”
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