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A quick fix to the engines

Marcia stopped crying and let Chaney hold her for as long as the Canoid wished. The scene would've seemed odd if beheld by any others, a large furry alien genly holding and rocking a small human woman as if she were the most delicate of treasures. It was a testiment to the furry crewman's heart of gold, Doc smiled and cleared his throat slightly as he noticed everyone in the med-bay and tapped on the comm near him in reply to Farrow. "No need to worry Farrow, we've found out something rather interesting about our guest, Miss Marcia. I'll fill you in later."

Perrin crawled throughout the engines and had everything running smoothly, the jump to lightspeed had gone with ease. It meant less to worry about, it was then the young man noticed a slight hissing noise. It was coming from one of the coolant tanks, which was bad..very bad. The young man grabbed a sealer and rushed to work on the leak, it wasn't an atmosphere leak which made things much easier and safer. Still, if Perrin hadn't gotten to it they might've had problems for sure. But, then repairing things was his job and Perrin wouldn't have had it any other type of way, the young man quickly fixed the part then tapped the comm as he spoke to Farrow in the pilot's roost. "Farrow? This is Per, can you find us a place to set down? I need to work on the coolant system, I've patched it for now but it won't last."
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