Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian (sarahtdl) wrote in cian_tremas,
Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian


Chaney enfolded the woman in an embrace, warm and furry. It was odd to see the huge alien so gentle with the smaller woman.

“There are no shame in tears, my lady” He said softly “And as to my vow, It is given freely and there is no force in this universe that can take it back. I will always protect you, Lady Marcia. It is my duty, but more so I want to.” He smiled a little “Farrow likes you very much and she is rarely wrong about people, you know.”

The captain clearned his throat gently “I am sorry about your loss Miss Marcia, but its important you talk to Doc. People are shooting at my ship, and this has something to do with who you are, I wanna know…”

Zu elbowed him roughly “Don’t be mean captain! She’s crying! You ought to never be mean to a lady who’s crying!” She steped forward, and put a gentle hand on the girls shoulder “When Perrin’s feeling better, I’ll bring Mr. Cuddles in for you.” She said.

The captain gave the doc a look that said //My ship is full of crazy women//
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