Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian (sarahtdl) wrote in cian_tremas,
Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian


The captain looked at Doc "You're serious. Really honestly Serious." He said in a soft funny voice.

Chaney said nothing at all. He simply went to Marcia, knelt on one knee and said "Your people, it is said, saved mine from extinction so many millenium ago. When we lost you, a great howl of grief came through space, all my people cried out together. My lady, as it was sworn before my great great great sires time, I am your servent. I will protect you always, as my people always have to yours."

"Oh for the love of...Chaney get up!" The captain snaped but Zu gave him an unusualy stern look "Not going to interfer with that, Captain. Thats chaney's people, their honor. Its his right as a Cainoid to pledge."

Farrow's voice on the Com "We're ok for now, what the hell's going on? Why'd they fire on us,. that wasn;t no alliance ship!"
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