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What do you mean I'm half human?!!!

Marcia stepped over to the Diagnostics center along with Zu, as Chaney and the Captain stepped in. Gant was still going over the readings when he glanced back at their passenger and spoke. “I don’t want to alarm you young lady, but I found some rather startling um… results of your bio-scan. Tell me do you know everything about your parents?”

The young woman’s brow furrowed with confusion and she spoke in a bit of frustration as she placed her hands on her hips. “What type of question is that doctor? What did you find am I sick or something? I don’t see what my parents would have to do with a simple bio-scan.” Gant nodded, he could understand her annoyance, he wasn’t exactly being fourth coming and decided to forgo the gentle approach and spoke directly.

“You’re half human young lady, and the other half of your parentage was Iskhatarian. The readouts don’t lie.”

Marcia stared at the man for a moment, then looked back at Zu, then to Chaney and smiled as she shook her head and spoke in disbelief. “Is he serious?!! I’m just as human as anybody, my mother and father both were plan old folks. I know!! If there was anything about me that would’ve been inhuman don’t you think someone would’ve found out by now?”
The gray-haired doctor shook his head and spoke and laughed a bit as he noticed the looks she gave him and the looks the rest of his crew mates we’re giving him. Reaching over he turned the screen towards the gathered individuals and spoke in his calm usual manner. “No jokes and no lies, you are half Iskhatarian my dear. Believe me, I don’t lie. Medicine is one thing I’m dead serious and honest about. I can’t explain how your hidden nature wasn’t detected all these years, but all of us here know the myths about the Iskhatarians. They were a Seeder race, whose technology was so far above ours nothing comes close. Not even the Alliance Elite have anything remotely close to it, I know from personal experience. It could be something a parent left you, a ring, or an armlet or whatever. But, perhaps they gave you something to hide your heritage, I mean there are things children know and things that they don’t know about their parents. Everyone has secrets.”

Marcia had to think about that one, the young woman thought back to when her mother and father would take trips out on the rim. Somehow her father was always able to gather the money for those long and expensive trips. The outer Kribell colony, was one of the favorite vacation spots many Terrans couldn’t get enough of. It was a pleasant G type world, which held age old ruins of a long dead ancient race. Archeologists had been investigating the place for years and still couldn’t gain a clue as to their origins or what happened to them.

The facts hit her like a hyper-transport, the ruins had been Iskhatarian… Her father always loved going out and exploring the ruins, he’d take her with her. Every Sunday afternoon when they were on vacation, it was a routine with him. Marcia then recalled when around her Tenth birthday she’d become very ill one such excursion while on vacation. All she remembered from that day was the fever, her father carrying her home and then nothing until waking up the next day in her bed in their hotel room. Marcia’s mother was furious with the man, but like all matters in their family it was soon resolved and forgotten. Marcia’s bottom lip quivered and the young woman stepped back reflexively as she thought about it then nearly fell as she felt Zu catch her. She wasn’t going to faint, but she definitely was unnerved, as she spoke.

“! I can’t be.. But.. are you sure?”
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