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A damn gutsy move

Timothy Dale cursed as he glared at the commander of the Corsair. The vessel they’d come across in the back lanes matched the silhouette of the transport ship, which had held up the Veriton McNale.
The commander glanced over at the mercenary and paid him no mind, they were being paid by Dale to take the ship and crew intact. Not blow them out of space, and the pay was damn good. Barton could live with the man cursing on his bridge, not that he could blame him, whoever was piloting that ship was one hell of a good pilot. Not to mention the damn thing’s shields took a direct shot with no problem. These little pirates were no amateurs, and that made it a challenge. A crewman, turned and spoke as he regarded the large portly man sitting in the chair.

“Sir, they’re banking. I don’t believe it…but I think they’re actually going to try and return fire. On us sir? We have them outgunned two to one.”

Barton’s eyes narrowed as the small ship, ducked, dodged and bypassed a volley of fire meant for it’s main engines. He wasn’t sure, then with an unbelievable maneuverability the transport let loose at the Corsair with two plasma cannon shots to the vessel’s sensor array. The damage was negligible, but it was bright enough to temporarily blind Barton’s scanning capabilities as well as visual. The small ship literally turned in a 360* arch using it’s outer thrusters and within mere moments went into hyper drive.
They were good, very good as the maneuver had been gutsy, crazy and overall brilliant. Depending on their hyper-drive it might take hours or days to pick up their trail. And that was if, Barton’s people had gotten a track on them. As he turned and growled a question at his ops technician, he noticed the look on Dale’s face.

“Well?? Were you able to get a track on them or a scan at least?”

The man shook his head as he spoke. “No sir, their shot was enough to confuse the sensors.. Too much broadband radiation caused by the plasma burst sir. They could be anywhere.”

Barton nodded then turned towards Dale and spoke.

“Don’t worry Mr. Dale, we’ll find them. Pirate rabble like that can only, go to a few places in this part of Alliance space. And I happen to know a few they won’t get far.”

Mikki had rushed to the gun batteries, immediately after he’d heard the message Farrow yelled over the comm. The boy might’ve been annoying and even unthinking at times, but he was one of the best shots that Captain Timmus had ever seen. When their lives were at stake he was all about business. Strapping himself into the seat, he warmed up the guns and put the headset on as the ship ducked and swiveled. As he heard the command to fire from the Captain, the boy smiled and gave a two volley shot which hit it’s mark dead on.

The maneuver was known as “Blind man’s bluff” but it worked almost every time and with that little move they jumped into hyper-drive almost immediately afterwards. The ship was safe for now.

Marcia could feel the ship moving and weaving as she picked herself up off the floor, the young woman wasn’t hurt but had the wind knocked out of her. Farrow’s wild piloting had kept them alive but, Marcia wasn’t used to the rigors of space combat, as she rose slowly and noticed a hand offering to help her up. Glancing up, she saw a girl, who had to be Zu.
Gant kept his seat throughout the entire escapade as he looked back at the screen and then noticed it wasn’t wrong. This girl, was only half-human, that wasn’t the thing that shocked him. What shocked him was the other half. She was half Iskhatarian, and that race had been long thought to be extinct for quite a long time. But the evidence was undeniable, two hearts, two circulatory systems, apparently her genetic heritage as a half Iskhatarian hadn’t come to maturity, at least yet. One of the rarest species ever. And a hybrid was here in their midst. As he gasped again, he turned and spoke again. “Captain…Chaney, I need you here to look at this. Um.. Zu, bring Miss Marcia over here would you please?”
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