Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian (sarahtdl) wrote in cian_tremas,
Sarah The Dyslexic Librarian

Everything gone to....

Zu tapped the com "Be right in Doc!" She said happily and slipped down off the creat she was siting on "I gotta go meet the new girl, Perrin. I'll see you later." She grinned "Keep that smile on!"

She headed for the medbay, and was there just in time to hear the doc exclaim. Suddenly all buisness she burst into the Medbay "Whats wrong!"

Chaney looked up as he heard the doc yell. "Whats going on?"

The ship jerked as a shot was fired. Farrow Jerked up as the shields bounced a lazor shot off the hull. "What the...." She turned and looked up at a consol "Where the hell did THAT ship come from!"

She grabbed the controlls and snaped off the auto pilot while broadcasting to the open Com "Everyone hang on! We're under attack! I'm getting us out of here!"
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