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Gant led the young woman into the med bay, it was small, Spartan very clean. The bio-scanner was a long six foot cot which was at a slight angle, a patient could lay on it comfortably while, he sat in the diagnostics center and overlooked the data it relayed. The Diagnostics center as he called it was little more than a small and very cramped 5x5 cube where a single chair sat within a semi circle of monitors, computers and other medical housing computers.
Zu was the computer wizard who’d lined up the whole thing, the Freeman might’ve looked poor, but it had a first A class computer set up. The old man thought about the girl with the chipper attitude. She’d never said much about the accident that cost her both arms, the young woman always kept a face full of good cheer and happiness. Gant knew there was something underlying, but he’d never say anything as Zu always said the past was best forgotten and that one should focus on the present and hope for the best future possible. It was that one simple fact that made Gant keep a good view on things, sometimes he was given to having a dour attitude and disposition. But, it was near impossible to do whenever Zu was around. Stopping himself from musing, he turned towards Marcia and spoke as he gestured to the small cot and spoke.

“If you’ll just lie down on that Bio-scanner young lady, I’ll head over here and we can give you the once over.”

Marcia nodded and took in the sight of the small medical center it was certainly impressive. For a small pirate vessel, it was filled with some modern and state of the art equipment that she’d seen in her own physician’s office. They had a an old Autech Class A Bio-scanner which looked like they’d upgraded it to a Class S, it was adaptable and could also opt as a Surgeon’s table. There were five cots in the small room and it was filled with equipment, medicine cabinets and even a small cybernetic medical apparatus for repairing or replacing cyber limbs or parts. More and more she was becoming far more impressed with these people, as they’d either made some good hauls or gotten very lucky to procure such equipment. As she stepped over to the cot and lay down on it she spoke out of curiosity.

“I noticed you have a cybernetics repair station, small but it looks brand new. Is that for the girl you mentioned Zu? I’ve only seen one of those once before and even then it was in a Grand Hospital on earth. However in the world did you get a small compact model like that one?”

Gant chuckled as he sat down in the Diagnostics center and began typing in the startup sequence. The elderly man smiled and spoke as he turned in Marcia’s direction. “Hahaha.. Well fortune smiles upon the brave, the good and you might want to ask Zu that. She was the one who got it free and clear. The girl has more than a few contacts in the medical community, we were able to pick that up recently as half payment for a contract we did. Would you like to meet her? Hold on I’ll call her up on the comm.”
Tapping the comm system Gant spoke into it as he chuckled some more, and it was then he realized. Where the heck had Miki gotten too? He’d have expected the boy to be down here drooling over the young lady, the place was clean and the Bio-Scanner was clean as a whip. It was then he say a small form stepping quietly up near the Bio-scanner from the utility closet.

“Zu! Gant here, could you come to the Med-bay. I’ve someone who wants to meet you and I think she needs saving from a certain hormone driven young man we know and love.”

Marcia had closed her eyes for a moment then opened them when she heard someone approach, a teenager was before her. He couldn’t have been that much older than her cousin Tony. In his early teens or so and by the look of him very happy to see her, or rather her chest as his eyes kept giving her the once over. The young woman smiled and shook her head as she spoke in friendly tone. “Hello, you’re not the doctor’s assistant are you?”

Gant turned the comm off and was about to get up and go introduce Miki as well as save Marcia from the leering lad when he noticed something very peculiar. The Bio-scanner beeped chirped and an image displayed on the screen. The doctor’s mouth nearly dropped and he spoke out-loud audibly enough that it carried throughout the med bay and even into the hall.

“Omigod!! Tha…that’s not possible!!!”
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